BoxWorks 2017

This year’s BoxWorks is full of amazing speakers, sessions and tracks to help you drive the future of your business. Come join thousands of other executives, developers, administrators and business leads to share ideas and get inspired from each other.

This year I will be hosting the following session.

Using Serverless Platforms

The advent of new technologies has created a new norm of development without traditional servers. This has created a new opportunity for software developers to easily build and deploy cloud applications, and also requires cloud API providers to provide tools for developers building in server-less environments. In this session, we’ll discuss the growing popularity of server-less development and the types of tools available to serverless developers. We’ll also provide a tutorial for how to use Azure Functions, Microsoft Azure’s serverless environment, with Box Platform.

//ReBUILD 2017 Xamarin Style

Joe Raio, Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, will kick off the meetup discussing all the recent exciting announcements from the Build conference. We will go through Azure updates as well as new Azure offerings that can be applied to your Xamarin application.

David Silverlight will continue discussing all the BUILD 2017 Xamarin announcements focused on Visual Studio for Mac and what is new with Xamarin.Forms.

As always we will have an open conversation with Xamarin Experts, so bring all your questions, comments, and concerns.

Costa Farms Case Study: Azure IoT & Azure Functions & State of dotNet Miami

New year, new dotNetMiami! We’re going to start off the year with some cutting-edge technology and a introspective look into the community. First off, Microsoft’s own Joe Raio will show us how Costa Farms used the cloud to monitor important business operations. Joe will show us the solution that was implemented including Azure IoT and Azure Functions. He’ll also dive into how you can modify this solution into your own solutions. Then dotNet Miami’s Community Caretaker will give the “State of the Community” address for 2017. He’ll share where dotNet Miami’s history but more importantly the vision of dotNet Miami and how you can help the community.

And since it will be dotNet Miami’s 5th birthday we’ll have some birthday cake to celebrate! Come join us for a great night of technology, community, and cake!

Make sure to RSVP here:

Miami DevCamp: Data

Please join us for a special Microsoft Cloud Data Event in Miami

The Cloud Data Camp will show how to use data services and platforms in Azure. Using a canonical IoT scenario for data analysis, lab participants will load, process and analyze data in Azure using multiple data platforms.

Here’s a snapshot of the topics that we’ll cover:  

  • Batch processing with HDInsight 
  • Real-Time Analysis with HDInsight HBase 
  • Streaming Analytics with HDInsight Storm and Azure Stream Analytics
  • Developing and Using Data Models with AzureML 
  • Using Document Stores with Document DB

Please note: these camps are for professional developers, programmers, architects, and data specialists.

DevCamp must-haves

Note – this is a hands-on workshop.  To get the most out of your session, please don’t forget to bring your laptop. In addition:

This free event is brought to you by your local Microsoft office. Delegates are responsible, however, for booking and funding their own travel and accommodation, as required.

Microsoft Virtual Academy May 2015 Preview

If you haven’t been there already, you must check out Microsoft Virtual Academy. This website provides free online training for literally hundreds of topics. All the videos you will find are professional and come with accompanying slides and assessments.

There will be many new courses and updates published to the site during the month of May. For more information on the new updates, please visit the following link: MVA Monthly: May 2015

Developing on Microsoft Azure

Getting started developing Microsoft Azure solutions by watching the amazing online course put together by Bret Stateham and Sidney Andrews.

This course focuses on topics you will need to know in order to pass Exam 70-532: Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

This serves as a great broad overview of the Microsoft Azure platform and its core capabilities.

If you you’ve always wanted to learn about the Microsoft Cloud, this is the perfect technical intro for you to dive into.

How Can I Learn MVC?

One of the best ways for any developer to grow is by staying up to date on all the current technologies and tools that are available to them. And as well all know, technology advances very fast.

The hardest part for most of us is simply finding the time to learn new things. If you are anything like me, you stick to what you are most familiar with to get a project done and out the door. In the end the client is still happy and your project still gets done, but, you may be missing out on ways you can streamline your work and get projects done even faster and with cleaner code.

So where am I going with this?

Well, for years and years I have developed in using web forms. I have literally built over 300 sites using Web Forms and LINQ to SQL. For quite some time know I had read about MVC and even had a few colleagues demonstrate it to me. While I was impressed I really never took the time to sit down and learn it. After all, it was a different way of thinking and who has time to learn? And let’s be honest, I was just being stubborn and did not want to leave my comfort zone.

Well after months and months of bugging me, a friend finally got me to sit down and take a few courses on MVC, AngularJs, and Web API’s. Needless to say, once I started learning about it I was absolutely blow away and have not looked back since.

The biggest challenge is finding a good resource online to provide great training that would serve as a jump off point for me. I found most of my training at Microsoft Virtual Academy and Plural Sight.

I’ve included links below to the courses that I found useful and hope that they help you as well.

Note; Microsoft Virtual Academy is 100% free. Plural Sign has a minimal monthly fee.

Enjoy and Happy Coding!