Fusion Day Charlotte

Fusion Day is a single-day conference hosted by Microsoft and Cardinal Solutions. Fusion is a single day conference featuring a diverse set of speakers chatting about user experience, design, and development. Using Microsoft Edge and Vorlon.JS to Create a Better Web Experience In this presentation we will walk you through using Vorlon.JS to debug your…

Using VorlonJS & MainfoldJS

As the heat turns up outside dotNet Miami is bringing the heat on the inside. Have you ever wanted to remote debug your JavaScript? What about an easy way to move your web app into a native mobile experience? Microsoft Technical Evangelist Joe Raio will bring us the details on two JavaScript frameworks you may not be aware of. VorlonJS is an open source, platform-agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript. And ManifoldJS is an open source platform that helps you reach more users than ever by packaging your web experience as native apps across Android, iOS, and Windows. This is going to be an awesome night of JavaScript goodness!