Fusion Day Charlotte

Fusion Day is a single-day conference hosted by Microsoft and Cardinal Solutions. Fusion is a single day conference featuring a diverse set of speakers chatting about user experience, design, and development.

Using Microsoft Edge and Vorlon.JS to Create a Better Web Experience

In this presentation we will walk you through using Vorlon.JS to debug your websites across multiple platforms and devices in real time. In addition, we will show you why using this powerful tool along with Microsoft Edge can help you provide the best experience to your users across all modern browsers and devices.

For web developers, Microsoft Edge brings an all new rendering engine, built to be interoperable with the modern web. Microsoft Edge is a clean break from the past focusing on interoperability with modern web standards and browsers so you can write modern markup once for all browsers.

Vorlon.JS in an open source, platform agnostic tool for remotely debugging and testing your JavaScript that is powered by node.js and socket.io.

Joe Raio is a Senior Technical Evangelist for Microsoft based in Pompano Beach, Florida. As a technical evangelist, Joe primary focuses on presentations leveraging the Microsoft Stack focused on website development and cloud technology. Prior to becoming an evangelist for Microsoft, Joe successfully owned and operated three small web development and digital marketing agencies.