Costa Farms Case Study: Node on Azure IoT & Azure Functions

Microsoft’s own Joe Raio will show us how Costa Farms used the cloud to monitor important business operations. Joe will show us the solution that was implemented including Node (Javascript) on Azure IoT and Azure Functions. He’ll also dive into how you can modify this solution into your own solutions. Costa Farms Case Study: Azure IoT & Azure Functions
Costa Farms is a family-owned group of companies headquartered in beautiful Miami, Florida that grow houseplants such as the canela tree, orchids, and Cecilia Aglaonema.

Learn how Joe Raio and his colleagues at Microsoft helped Costa implement a smart IoT solution to allow them to monitor important vital statistics of their nurseries in real time. The solution included using Arduino Devices, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Functions and more.

In this session we will walk through each piece of the puzzle. In addition, we will demonstrate how this same solution can be easily modified and applied to many different scenarios, not just farming.