Coders CafĂ© – Getting started with 5, EF7 and MVC6

ASP.NET 5 has been re-imagined from the ground up to provide a faster development experience, best in class performance, full side-by-side support, and cross platform support for Linux and Mac. In this presentation you will a receive high level overview of 5 including changes and features. In addition, we will walk you through building your first 5 web app using Entity Framework 7 / MVC 6 and deploying it to Microsoft Azure.

Joe Raio is a Microsoft Technical Evangelist based in Pompano Beach, Florida. As a technical evangelist, Joe primary focuses on presentations leveraging the Microsoft Stack focused on website development and cloud technology. Prior to becoming an evangelist for Microsoft, Joe successfully owned and operated three small businesses centered around website development and marketing. To learn more about Joe, visit his website at